MS4BI for Windows & Internet : Dynamic SQL & Query & Data & Charts
Reports, UI & Excel Consolidation..


MS4BI - Ultra Light, Ultra Simple, Ultra Agile, Responsive

GETTING STARTED : Creation of a mini MS4BI application for Windows and Web
Minimal source code and minimal development time

- Use a text editor : WRITE or NOTEPAD or NOTEPAD++ to write an MS4 script : the file extension MUST be .ms4

- From your WINDOWS explorer or desktop : just click on a script/.ms4 file to run it. And that's it - could it be simpler ?

Notepad option : WRITING A SCRIPT

Notepad or Notepad++

WINDOWS Explorer : Running an .MS4 file

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Our purpose : Keep it simple !

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  • MS4BI v.01.0027.01.2020
  • MS4BIRE v.01.0021.10.2019
  • MS4SCRIPT v.01.0027.01.2020
  • help 06/2019

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